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The Self-Destruction of the New 52 Part 2

The Self-Destruction of the New 52 Part 2

By Arnoldo Acosta

The Success

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Not everything has been bad in the New 52. There are still a lot of books that not only have great quality but they actually sell well also.
Comic books like Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and many others are selling well and don’t suck. However every time I look at such titles I have to wonder something…
Are these books good because of the reboot or are they good despite of it?

Titles like Batman or Green Lantern didn’t need a single change with the reboot. On the other hand a title like Wonder Woman, which had a complete reboot and received certain benefits from it.

But does Wonder Woman need the New 52?
The last story arc Wonder Woman had before the New 52 was The Odyssey. It involved a complete re-working of the character, which ended up changing her entire continuity.  In other words by the time the New 52 was starting a detail like continuity just wasn’t important for a character like Wonder Woman.
The root of the success for Wonder Woman is not that she was rebooted. Wonder Woman was rebooted in the past so it could have been rebooted again even without the New 52. What made it work was Direction and Freedom.
Wonder Woman is successful because of the direction that Brian Azzarello has given to the book and he was given the liberty to follow that direction without any interruptions.
It doesn’t matter if Superman is dating Wonder Woman. or if the New Gods are appearing somewhere else. The book has a freedom that no other book in the New 52 has.

CV: any plans to bring any other DC characters into this series? Like Superman?BA: No. Superman's got enough face time in other books so he doesn't need it in this one.

Wonder Woman is successful because it has nothing to do with the New 52.

How about another great title like Batwoman?

Batwoman #0 Before the New 52
Scheduled to come out almost a year before the relaunch but was postpone and because of this the book is completely unaffected by the New 52. It is also untouched by any other title. How is the New 52 better than the previous universe for Batwoman? There is not really a significant change here.

Where is the gain?

The New 52 produced a lot of changes for a lot of comics, changes that hurt a lot of those comics.
If most of those titles that are at the top are the ones with less changes then why were the changes even necessary?

The New 52 are benefiting from those titles, not the other way around.

To be Continued...

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