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The Top Ten Worst Retcons of The New 52

Last year i made a list of the best and worst DC comics of 2011 and i was thinking of repeating that, but the thing is I already did another list of the best and worst of the first year of the relaunch, and i really feel like there is nothing essential that i can add to either of those lists.
So I decided on a new one that might be more interesting
The Top Ten best and worst Retcons of the Relaunch.

I have to admit that I have disliked certain aspects of the relaunch but one of the worst of all is the retcons, some had been good and some had been bad and on some cases it doesnt matter if the book is good or bad in turn

So I Have read mostly all of DC comics since the relaunch came on and a ton of other comics before that, and here i present a list of changes that I really hated in this new Universe

Comic Book Sales 101, Part 4: Covers


I know i said last week i was going to talk about variants but i realized that i couldnt move to that before getting this out of the way
There is this little saying that reads "you should not judge a book by its cover"
Well Comic book covers have actually the opposite effect, they are suppose to give you an idea of what is happening in the book and therefore influence in your decision to buy a comic or not.
thats the whole point of covers, a sole picture that can and should evoke the idea that you need to try this book, wither by just having a certain impact due its imagery or by revealing something that is happening in the actual issue.
Lets see some examples for covers:

viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012

Comic Book Sales 101, or how to follow sales for Dummies Part 3


we finally reach this part, but what exactly is a gimmick?
a Gimmick is basically a move which is initiated with the sole purpose to increase the sales of a comic by doing something that is generally outside of the control of the actual story.
To put it in perspective, the Story itself only has the objective to be told by the writer, the gimmick are mostly out of control of the writer and on some occasions, have nothing to do with the actual story and sometimes bring stories of their own, but of course it doesnt mean that it is only limited to them or hell it could even be completely irrelevant to them.
This can be another story that trying to connect to the current story, a change in a character of the story, within or without the control of the writer, or a character that comes in and doesnt belong in the story. and thats only approaching from the story point of view when we can actually have a gimmick by its format, by the art itself, etc.
We will start with the most common one


jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012

Comic Book Sales 101, or how to follow sales for Dummies Part 2

In Part 1 of this bIog I talk about how Genres and how they affect the sales of a comic book as an aspect of how some genres sell better than others just by focusing on a larger fanbase resulting in the Mainstream, but i also said that the most important aspect of selling comics are Brands & Gimmicks, since they influence every genre and every comic in general no matter what and its basically what its building the current market instead of actual Quality of the Comics.

miércoles, 5 de diciembre de 2012

Comic Book Sales 101, or how to follow sales for Dummies Part 1

Just a few days ago something historic happen in the world of Comics, DC announced that their Digital initiative will now launch its respective books at 3:00A.M. East Time, which means that starting next week you can purchase your favorite DC comics without any wait and without the need to go to a comic book shop
you can follow the story here

This was the biggest news regarding digital sales after the New launched the same day digital distribution program, its obvious that the landscape for comicbook sales is changing fast so that got me thinking of why is that the current state of comic state is so bad

lunes, 3 de diciembre de 2012

Diversity in the New DCU, or just the Illusion of Diversity

Diversity in the New DCU, or just the Illusion of Diversity

Diversity is something I personally never really particularly cared for in comics
I live in Costa Rica, thats in latin-america, Im obviously from an hispanic background, spanish is my first language, But i never really cared that the heroes that i saw on TV didnt had my same color or background or whatever, i just saw characters not races.

Even though I would love to see a hero in DC or Marvel from my homeland, the fact that such hero is ever created is not a huge concern for me, I dont identify myself with a latino hero more than i would with a black or white or asian hero. but thats just me. I can still admire Batman and Superman without any critique on race just like i can admire Icon or Vixen or Katana.
However I never really care much in general in comics cause I never experience the comic book medium until i was already an adult and i saw comics more like a form of literature but its just not the same for kids.

look at this little advertizement

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Death in Comics, why doesnt it matter and why it should

I am a relatively new reader, I started reading comics just 5 years ago and i gravitated more on DC, so when i started asking "where to start?" i saw a lot of suggestions regarding Infinite Crisis, so i went to a store to only get infinite crisis and inside i saw this comic

viernes, 30 de noviembre de 2012

The Young Justice Titles, EPIC FAILURE in the Nu52

a few weeks ago we got the solicits for March 2013 and I mainly checked them on Newsarama's site and I was already aware of the recent cancellation of titles like Blue Beetle and Legion Lost, but it wasnt until today when I open this page and I realized something


viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

Let's Talk About DC's 0 Issues, Week 2 & 3


WEEKS 2 & 3

in no particular order
since i messed up by putting the pictures first all at once
so lets start
there as some minor spoilers

sábado, 8 de septiembre de 2012

Let's Talk About DC's 0 issues, First Week

One year ago DC launch 52 #1 titles
so in celebration DC will launch 55 #0 issues including 4 new series and the final issues of 3 of their current run, cause that makes sense i guess.
No series is actually ending this week, well kind of 1 but i will get to that, and we have 1 new title in Phantom Stranger.

I will keep spoilers to a minimum for cause of space but there will be some
so lets see

martes, 21 de agosto de 2012

Let's Talk About The First Year of the Relaunch, The Best 10 Comics

Top 10 BEST Comic of the Relaunch
Is been a good year

Honorary mentions
15- Nightwing by Kyle Higgins
14- Dial H by China Mieville
13- Flash by Francis Manapul
12- Earth 2 by James Robinson
11- Justice League Dark by Peter Milligan/Jeff Lemire and Mikel Janin
Now the list

Let's Talk About The First Year of the Relaunch, The Worst 10 Comics

Top 10 WORST Comic of the Relaunch

Its been a year since DC relaunched its universe, and personally I think most of it has been good but not all, there are many rotten apples in this basket.
Here I have made a list of what I think are the worst titles of DC 12 issues into the relaunch(though not all have 12).

Just 3 things before I start, if you want to comment or maybe even share your own lists you I encourage you to do it but for the record I consider this 3 things
1- I honestly tried to be as objective as possible with this list, I go on detail of what I think is failing on this titles but this ultimately MY OPINION, if you don’t agree, is your opinion
2- If I didn’t read, it is not on the list, and I read a lot this year.
3- Miniseries and events count

But First the Dishonorable mentions that for one reason or another couldn’t make it on the list
*Detective Comics #5-12 by Tony Daniels
*Superman by George Perez
*Savage Hawkman by Tony Daniels
*Deathstroke by Rob Liefeld

Now the List

Let's Talk About Mr Terrific #8

And we come to the final Issue of Mister Terrific, where Michael Holt will face the attack of Digitus and something more...

sábado, 18 de agosto de 2012

Let's Talk About Mr Terrific #7

In our last issue Mister Terrific stop a thief from stealing a hige tech device during Valentine's day, just after naming Jamal as his successor for Holt Industries.

jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012

Let's Talk About Mr Terrific #6

On the last arc Michael Holt save an entire group of slaves from the interdimensional conquerors, the Kryl
now Valentines Day

lunes, 13 de agosto de 2012

Let's Talk About Mr Terrific #5

If you have a good memory you will remember what happen last issue 
Our hero Michael and a random purple giant alien started a riot in the universe´s worst prison ship ever
but as they were fighting the few guards that they had on their way more were about to come
to which michael exclaims "good, we are gonna need them"
Why are they going to need them for, lets jump in.

Let's Talk About Mr Terrific #4

The beginning of a new arc starts,after saving Los Angeles from the attack of the evil villain Brainstorm our hero Michael Holt enters into a deep depression and recluses himself into the dept of the 9th dimension where he is approach by 2 alien creatures asking for help

Lets review Mr Terrific #4

sábado, 11 de agosto de 2012

Let's Talk About Mr Terrific #3

In the last issue of Mr Terrific #2, our hero saved California from an earthquake that was caused by himself and then proceed to face Brainstorm, the maniac who is using mind control waves against that humble population of L.A. what will happen now?, let's review

Let's Talk About Mr Terrific #2

In our last installment Michael Holt got possess by an unknown force and puts him in a position to use his Quake preventer Machine in reverse, creating a massive earthquake that might destroy all of California, what will happen now?

martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Let's Talk about Mr Terrific #1

This is Mister Terrific #1, one of the 52 #1s released by DC on September of 2011 and the ongoing that came was so bad that and it sold so poorly that DC cancel it after just 8 issues

Why is it so bad?
Lets talk about it

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Lets Talk about DC's BEST & WORST New Villains

Another old post that I made
The New 52 only had half a year old, which means that that most of the books were only wrapping up their first act.

Villains, some are very interesting and others has been the biggest WTF of their respective books

so lets talk about that

I will present first the list of what I think are The WORST & BEST 5 New Villains

Lets Talk about the Best DC Comics of 2011

This list was even harder than the other one cause i had to take into consideration just to many comics , its much easier to point out when something just plain fails but is hard to decide which ones are better than others and also i had a lot of comics which sadly are mostly part of 2010 so i couldnt include like JL: Generation lost but it wouldnt be fair to put on list

I know i must have some options that will probably wont be others ppl lists but whatever
this is my personal opinion over many factors not only art and writing but also taste and style

Honorable mentions
25- Voodoo by Ron Marz
24- Detective Comics by Tony Daniels
23- Booster Gold by Dan Jurgen
22- R.E.B.E.L.S. by Tony Berard
21- Batwing by Judd Winick
20- Wonder Woman Odyssey by JMS/Phil Hester
19- Action Comics by Grand Morrison
18- Teen Titans by Lodbell
17- Flashpoint by Geoff Johns
16- Batgirl by Bryan Millar
15- Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello
14- Batwoman by J. H. Williams III
13- Green Lantern by Geoff Johns(DCNU)
12- Flashpoint: Frankenstein & the Creatures of the Unknown by Jeff Lemire
11- PowerGirl by Judd Winick

Lets talk about the Worst DC comics of 2011

This is a very old post that i made around the beginning of this year about the comics that I read on last year
I read much more DC comics than Marvel comics and thats why I didnt made a Marvel equal

well here it is
The Worst 10 DC Comics of 2011

Dishonorably Mentions
15- Batgirl by Gail Simone
14- Batman: Dark Knight by David Finch
13- Redhood and the Outlaws by Lodbell
12- Legion of Superheroes by Paul Levitz
11- Outsiders By Dan Didio

Lets Talk about Comics

DC or Marvel?

If I had to pick a choice between which is the best company for comics i think I would pick DC Comics.

I read way more comics from DC however not all their books are good and not all of their decisions are great, but unlike Marvel they do seem to have a better understanding of what do creatively rather than financially which lead them to produce better quality comics in certain genres much better than anything that Marvel can produce, of course they also go to the other extreme when it doesnt work, and thats basically the main difference between Marvel and DC, Marvel is like 60% average comics, 20% good comics and 20% bad comics, DC is more like 40% good, 30% bad and 30% average, and the things that are bad, believe me, are really bad

Let's Just Talk ^^

Today is my 25th Birthday and just for the kicks i have decided to make a blog
First i need to introduce myself
My name is Arnoldo Antonio Acosta Diaz, A.K.A. ArnoldoAAD
Im 25 years old, I live in the beautiful country of Costa Rica in San Jose, Im currently studying Architecture
and as many people i have several hobbies, video games, some cardgames, movies and tv series but most importantly Comics

I love talking about comics, I have been a really into them for over 5 years, i read them freacuently and of every kind, space operas, noir, detective stories, superhero comics, underground, the comic is one of the best mediums in existence, is a pure form of art crossing literature and drawings.

so lets just talk about them and for anyone reading this, i hope you enjoy it