martes, 31 de julio de 2012

Let's Talk about Mr Terrific #1

This is Mister Terrific #1, one of the 52 #1s released by DC on September of 2011 and the ongoing that came was so bad that and it sold so poorly that DC cancel it after just 8 issues

Why is it so bad?
Lets talk about it

domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

Lets Talk about DC's BEST & WORST New Villains

Another old post that I made
The New 52 only had half a year old, which means that that most of the books were only wrapping up their first act.

Villains, some are very interesting and others has been the biggest WTF of their respective books

so lets talk about that

I will present first the list of what I think are The WORST & BEST 5 New Villains

Lets Talk about the Best DC Comics of 2011

This list was even harder than the other one cause i had to take into consideration just to many comics , its much easier to point out when something just plain fails but is hard to decide which ones are better than others and also i had a lot of comics which sadly are mostly part of 2010 so i couldnt include like JL: Generation lost but it wouldnt be fair to put on list

I know i must have some options that will probably wont be others ppl lists but whatever
this is my personal opinion over many factors not only art and writing but also taste and style

Honorable mentions
25- Voodoo by Ron Marz
24- Detective Comics by Tony Daniels
23- Booster Gold by Dan Jurgen
22- R.E.B.E.L.S. by Tony Berard
21- Batwing by Judd Winick
20- Wonder Woman Odyssey by JMS/Phil Hester
19- Action Comics by Grand Morrison
18- Teen Titans by Lodbell
17- Flashpoint by Geoff Johns
16- Batgirl by Bryan Millar
15- Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello
14- Batwoman by J. H. Williams III
13- Green Lantern by Geoff Johns(DCNU)
12- Flashpoint: Frankenstein & the Creatures of the Unknown by Jeff Lemire
11- PowerGirl by Judd Winick

Lets talk about the Worst DC comics of 2011

This is a very old post that i made around the beginning of this year about the comics that I read on last year
I read much more DC comics than Marvel comics and thats why I didnt made a Marvel equal

well here it is
The Worst 10 DC Comics of 2011

Dishonorably Mentions
15- Batgirl by Gail Simone
14- Batman: Dark Knight by David Finch
13- Redhood and the Outlaws by Lodbell
12- Legion of Superheroes by Paul Levitz
11- Outsiders By Dan Didio

Lets Talk about Comics

DC or Marvel?

If I had to pick a choice between which is the best company for comics i think I would pick DC Comics.

I read way more comics from DC however not all their books are good and not all of their decisions are great, but unlike Marvel they do seem to have a better understanding of what do creatively rather than financially which lead them to produce better quality comics in certain genres much better than anything that Marvel can produce, of course they also go to the other extreme when it doesnt work, and thats basically the main difference between Marvel and DC, Marvel is like 60% average comics, 20% good comics and 20% bad comics, DC is more like 40% good, 30% bad and 30% average, and the things that are bad, believe me, are really bad

Let's Just Talk ^^

Today is my 25th Birthday and just for the kicks i have decided to make a blog
First i need to introduce myself
My name is Arnoldo Antonio Acosta Diaz, A.K.A. ArnoldoAAD
Im 25 years old, I live in the beautiful country of Costa Rica in San Jose, Im currently studying Architecture
and as many people i have several hobbies, video games, some cardgames, movies and tv series but most importantly Comics

I love talking about comics, I have been a really into them for over 5 years, i read them freacuently and of every kind, space operas, noir, detective stories, superhero comics, underground, the comic is one of the best mediums in existence, is a pure form of art crossing literature and drawings.

so lets just talk about them and for anyone reading this, i hope you enjoy it