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Let's Talk About DC's 0 issues, First Week

One year ago DC launch 52 #1 titles
so in celebration DC will launch 55 #0 issues including 4 new series and the final issues of 3 of their current run, cause that makes sense i guess.
No series is actually ending this week, well kind of 1 but i will get to that, and we have 1 new title in Phantom Stranger.

I will keep spoilers to a minimum for cause of space but there will be some
so lets see

Action Comics #0

Grant Morrison tells a really cute story on the first appearances of rockie Superman with a T-shirt, there are some very cleaver moments like how Lois Lane only sees 2 fish in the cape, it was a fast read but memorable and well drawn.

Animal Man #0

 This issue is pretty much what Animal Man has been all about for the entire year, a mixture of Horror with Family, it is not an essential reading in any ways since it primarily retraces the origin that we already knew from the ongoing but its still enterteining and sets the continuity clean for it as well as the motivations of all the characters
 its literally a 0 issue, as it precedents all that happen before issues 1-12

enjoyable and a perfect jump in point

Batwing #0

Judd Winick presents a really good exploration of the origin of the Batman of Africa. Its just a simple story of tragedy and overcoming that justifies the character's path on this last 12 issues.
if i had a complain it would be the ending, it ends with him getting his Batwing suit, which was an strong ending but it felt like the story could had much more going on, when you finish it, is like "Thats it!?"

another strong issue but could had been better 7.5/10

Detective Comics #0

Yet another depressing story from Gregg Hurwitz, here takes on the training of Bruce Wayne before he was Batman, it has a really strong message on whatever he should be alone and not depend of others or open himself to emotion, the training sequence is just beyond well done, and the end is very open to interpretation.
The back story focus on Alfred shortly before the return of BW, its well written, and both the main story and back story have excellent art


Dial H #0

ok,this issue is
well weird, but thats nothing unusual for Dial H
but is extra weird, it kind of hint the entire nature of how is that the dials work

yeah i give it a 7.5/10

Earth 2 #0

one of the biggest problems of E2#1 was that it was mainly about 3 characters who just die at the end and we little to no information to the characters that will actually play in the book.
here is exactly the same problem, this is a book about how Terry Sloan becomes the greatest supervillain in the world, but it has 2 major flaws about it, one problem is that this has pretty much no relation with the the current ongoing story, even though Terry is part of that i see no cause and effect with what he is doing here, the second problem is that it does a very poor job on showing us why is terry the villain of the story.
This issue tells the ultimate betrayal of Terry, but fails to show us what motivates him and why he betrays the other heroes, its a little lazy and kind of ripping off Ozymandias.
a disappointing issue

G.I. Combat #0

Now G.I. Combat comes with 2 stories, the first half with the Unknown Soldier and the second part with The War that Time Forgot by JT Krull.
This is one of the titles that has been less appealing to me but someone actually lend me the first 4 issues, all start with The War story first then Unknown Soldier, this last one having the least of pages.

The first half of the story a quasi origin of the Unknown Soldier revealing that is possible that there has been several U.S. thoughtout history in every single war, it was ok but nothing great, specially that if you havent read the first 4 issues you might be a little confuse.
But definitely the story that takes the cake is The War that Time Forgot, the picture up here is the last panel in the story, and as you can see for "The End" mark there, is also the final instalment
the idea behind this story is simply just this: a group of soldiers end up in an island full of dinasaurs, The End
and thats exactly this story, a guy, in this case the only soldier left in the island since everyone else is dead or left it, and is a guy with a family talking about how he misses his family but is too late and he just hunt and eat a sabertooth tiger, the end
having read the 5 issues of this thing was an extremely boring experience
simply cause nothing really happens, we dont get the name of the main character until issue 3 and only once, and no, i dont remember his name, but I never really care about remembering either, and that is this story in a nutshell, a guy in an island fighting dinosaurs, and nothing happens.


Green Arrow #0

ah, the classic Goddam Batman style of recruiting, this book written by Judd Winick is boring.
This new origin just shows him as a character driven by guilt but does a very poor job making us care or showing us a good evolution of the character, the pacing is weird jumping from one point to another with little to no explanation, if you didnt know about the significance of island in the origin of GA you would be lost, the art is hideus, facial expressions are weird and focus emphasis in things that just makes little to no sense to focus on.
The writing just feels empty, there is a character in this who is a cyborg, but there is absolutely no reason for him to be a cyborg, its not fun, it once again doesnt make me care about the main character or any other character and is not very well executed overall.

Is just not a green arrow that i want to read about, like in the other 12 issues
So far the weakest of the 0 issues, which is surprising coming from someone like Winick. further more establishing that this book is a complete disaster beyond salvation by any writer, If you want to read a good book with an archer on it, check Hawkeye by Matt Fraction, a future Eisner winner

Green Lantern #0

Thats the first thing i think of this comic, it is just a basic origin story about a man who was in the wrong place in the wrong time, who had a rough upbringing because of his race, religion and the events of the world, and i find it well done.
For what it is, it does a good job, it doesnt feel cliche or overwritten and just well executed.


Phantom Stranger #0

So, I guess this means there will only be 13 issues of Phantom Stranger.
Overall this issue is divided in 2 parts, the first part tells the "origin" of Phantom Stranger, and the other part is the origin of the Specter, and thats it.
This book has a very old comic book feeling, i have read old stories of Phantom Stranger and it definitely makes certain feeling to it the only problem would be how it is paced, since the 2 halfs of this story are so different it feels a lot like both parts are incomplete, the story of PS is something retold from the FCBD issue, and the Specter story just ends with a kind of anticlimax.
One thing about the Specter is that the Specter here is Jim Corrigan, the original Specter, but there is no dates, we dont know for sure if this means that Corrigan is still Specter nor that it was the only one and considering the return of Hal Jordan from his time as the specter it just leave a very confusing feeling of how exactly is the continuity working here.

It was ok but not good

Stormwatch #0

Now this was an interesting reading, its pretty much has Adam One and Jenny Quantum talking about the other Century kids, the connection with the Demon Knights and why is Stormwatch named like that, it just tosses a lot of ideas into you, some are really interesting and worth exploring in the future.
It just gives a lot of answers to this book, but at the same time raises a huge lot of questions which to me serves as exactly what this 0 issues should do to expose what the book is about and what is worth reading about.

Swamp Thing #0

Possibly the most horrific story in DC at the moment, its creepy, its intelligent, its just a magnificent thing to have in DC at the moment.

Well written, well drawn and it does what is suppose to do which is tell the origin of the hero and the villain that we already know, but in a way that doesnt feel like its retracing itself or feels predictable or boring.


Worlds Finest #0

Worlds Finest is a little odd book, I really like the idea of this 2 characters together but i dislike the setting and what is being done with them, Huntress feel normal but Powergirl feels like a supervillain in the making with all her apathy and overall selfish behavior however one of the few things that are good in the book is the relation between the 2, this book is pretty much what Worlds Finest should had been always about, the characters a likable, its fun but it has very dark tones to it that actually makes you care about the characters and the art of Mcguire is just absolutely fantastic.
Its just a very good stand alone story I just would like the ongoing was more like this

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