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Let's Talk About DC's 0 Issues, Week 2 & 3


WEEKS 2 & 3

in no particular order
since i messed up by putting the pictures first all at once
so lets start
there as some minor spoilers

 Batman #0
This issue felt like the first 15 mins of a 2 hour movie, not necesarily bad but when it ends you are just left with "thats it!"
in this case we get an story set in the first days of Batman's crusade, not really taking much from Batman year one but in certain way building itself for a new year one.
but b far the best part is the backfeature, which deals with the first time the Batsignal is used and where were all the robins when that happen
its very well written and very cleaver on its execution
the art in both stories is fantastic as always but overall the story feels a little awkwardly placed.

8.5 out of 10

Batman & Robin #0
This issue was really good, nothing out of the ordinary, very simple on plot, very simple on its purpose and very simple on its execution, but it just works. The whole point of this comic is to show us the secret origin of Damian Wayne, it goes from the moment he is born to exactly the moment of his first encounter with his father.
It doesnt reveal anything extraordinary or even particularly new about the character but still feels fresh  and entertaining.
good comic

8 out of 10

Birds of Prey #0
 This was a solid stand alone story, like pretty much all of the BoP chps of this volume the plot is full of holes, the motivations are pretty much non-existent and the continuity is all over the place but the story itself is entertaining, and it has great moments as well as a brilliant dialog and characterization

as an origin story, it doesnt work very well at all, it only shows BC, Batgirl and Starling meeting each other but doesnt really sink into the real origin of the team and it doesnt answer any questions that you might have got if you read BoP 1-12

7 out of 10

 Batwoman #0 V2
wait we already had a Batwoman 0
this comic is just awesome
It doesnt just satisfies itself on being just any other origin story, its art is great, its execution is majestic
the Portray of Kate is excellent this is a person who is not a little girl playing vigilante, this is a mature and driven woman who can stand toe to toe with Batman as an Equal.
Highly recommended
9.5 out of 10

 Catwoman #0
I really like reading reviews on comics, on different sites, a year ago when Catwoman #1 came out one of those sites refused to give a review on both Catwoman #1 and Redhood #1 because of the sexual content, i dont follow that site anymore, but this, in addition to the general childish and immature reaction of the comic fandom in addition to actual local news condemning this T+ coming of being porn for children, on that issue was the first time that i have ever felt a shame of being a comic book fan, to just overreact the way only cause of something like that its just embarrassing.
It felt like an immature response to a mature subject, and even those sites that gave terrible reviews to Catwoman, it was mainly focused on that single problem of sexual content. 
Catwoman #1 wasnt really that bad nor that good either, but it was definitely memorable, the rest of Judd Winick's run was similar, not great, but just ok, it had certain problems but at least the character shown some good characterization, it show her weak and strong, emotional, it was just a complex characterization, but it was well done

which leads me to this comic, written by Ann Nocenti, and Drawn by Adriana Melo.
This is far worst than anything  that have ever happen to this character, Its terribly written, horribly drawn, and the characterization of Selina Kyle is simply abysmal, I have never seen such a bad portray of the character before, it just completely misses the mark on what the character is and should be
here she doesnt act all sexy, we dont see her boobs before we see her face and she doesnt have sex with Batman in a rooftop, but this comic is more worthy of not receiving a review, even if that review is awful

This issue might as well kill the entire book on its own, and just make Catwoman jump ahead on cancellation without a chance to land on her feet

and Why the hell would they use the Batman Returns Origin!?!

2 out of 10

 DC Universe Presents #0 
This month's DCUP had 5 different stories 4 about cancelled titles  and one more about DCUP's first story on Deadman, so i will rate of each of them

  DCUP: Blackhawks
This takes on the secret of origin of Mother Machine Blackhawk member who is fused with mothebox tech, and thats about it, its too fast paced and literally felt like had much more to tell but when it ends, it just stops and you dont care very much about it.
5 out of 10

 DCUP: Deadman

This one actually has an interesting set up and a good execution of it but it felt like it needed a little bit more, the original Deadman run on DCUP is one of the most deepest things in the New 52, here is more like just a character arc and it leaves the thoughts to you but dont makes you want to consider them much

just ok
7 out of 10
DCUP: Hawk and Dove

I really didnt care at all about this, its just soo Lazy
I dont care about Hawk and his problems are just lame
the origin is a lazy and as simple as it can be for a Liefeld comic book
0 emotion and lots of action

3.5 out of 10
 DCUP: Mister Terrific
Now im very familiar with this, and yet its probably because of that reason that i didnt enjoy it.
The story its incredibly simple, Michael gets a call from the 9th dimension, he enters it and sees visions of his past present and future, then he returns and doesnt remember anything at all, and then begin his career as Mister Terrific.
its this single panel that just completely ruins this story cause if you have read Mister Terrific, you get nothing but some kind of resume of what happen on Mister Terrific and then 3 teasers of what to expect on Earth 2, but it just doesnt move anything forward and just ends in the exact same place where it started, the final revelation is kind of lame to be honest and opens a lot of new plot holes in Mister Terrific's story.

4.5 out of 10



I think thats all i can say about this

8 out of 10
this was by far not only the worst issue of the entire run but also to my criticism the worst single issue in the entire DCnU, The story is mostly a mixture between Tales of Teen Titans #43 by Perez and Wolfman, which show the origin of Deathstroke, badly mixed with the new continuity and elements like Higgins Deathstroke run and Team 7 but without really checking how Team 7 was suppose to work, in adition to be badly drawn and horribly written and with a cliffhanger that is so horrible and stupid that im actually glad that Liefeld is gone from the book and DC, though im actually sad that he didnt left sooner.
I just cannot understand how this end up being published.

0.5 out of 10
 Doctor Manhattan #0 (opps)
Captain Atom #0

In this issue of Captain Atom #0 we get to see the origin of how Dr Jonathan "Jon" Osterman changed his name and profession to the one of Nathaniel Adams, and somehow became Captain of the airforce, who then in a scientific experiment became DOCTOR MANHATTAN, ok im trolling here but there is not a single thing in this comic that didnt made me thing of Dr Manhattan, nor for a single second i thought of this person as Captain Atom.
This comic is extremely unoriginal and just boring, even when there is an action sequence I felt drowsy simply cause Dr Manhattan has so much power that there is no tension at all in the fight, and the panel i put here is just a blatant copy of Watchmen.
The art is messy and just not my style at all.

2.5 out of 10

 Frankenstein #0
 Fantastic Issue, the only complain i have, it should have lasted longer
8.5 out of 10 
Green Lantern Corps #0
I think Guy has always been my favorite GL, he is just funny and nice, but this story also shows him as a complex person with a lot of issues but still the will to overcome them.
If you are a fan of Guy, you need to pick this, and if you are not a fan you might become one
9 out of 10
 Justice League #0
you are an Jerk Billy Batson.
The backfeature of Shazam in the JL book has been time and time again the most entertaining thing of JL in a while, and this issue dont disappoints, its just pure concentrated Fun and makes you want to comeback for more

9.5 out of 10
 Legion Lost #0
 Im not a big fan of LoTS nor Timberwolf, so I was not familiar with his origin at all, and I dont know if this is an updated version of his origin or just a completely new one, but as this story goes, its just very cliche.
The story is that this scientist work to make this serum to give super powers, deals with the wrong kind of people and by that I mean the most stereotypical bad guy gangster ever, the gangster kills the scientist wife because he is evil and that's it, then the scientist seeks revenge and gives his son super powers, then he dies and his son avenges him with justice, the end.
its just so safe played, the scene where the gangster kills the wife is not emotional but very confusing, he just didnt need to do that at all, its just surprising, it so fast and so badly executed that leaves an empty impression, since that moment on you already know what will happen next up to the ending, it just feels like an story that i already seen several times. not much to say about it

5 out of 10   

 Legion of Superheroes #0
this is a very unmemorable issue, it tells the story on how Brainiac 5 join the LSH and is full with really interesting ideas including the New Brainiac of Morrison 
but it just doesnt impress nor bother to give a good connection between the 2

just borring
5.5 out of 10

 Resurrection Man #0 Final Chapter

If you consider that this was the conclusion to this entire story it is pretty safe to say that the story had an underwhelming ending
The story of Resurrection Man escaping hell and heavens while he looks for the answers of his past is interesting, but for such answers to be so incredibly lame, is not good, why would heaven take another person instead of Mitchell? it just doesnt make any sense and the reason for that is cause ultimately the plot of having hell and heaven after him goes absolutely nowhere, the whole drive of the story has always been finding answers, once he got them the story stop having purpose
 I really dont care where those plans for resurrection man are going to be but i hope that at least they are well thought first.

4.5 out of 10 

 Redhood and the Outlaws #0
First of all, the scene with Jason stealing Batman tires its the second most iconic scene with Jason Todd, the first one being his Death, and that was removed from this origin, Thats a bad thing
but overall i actually really enjoyed this origin, it doesnt only shows the life of Jason Todd but the life of the ppl around him, the only big problem was the ending
it felt extremely bad placed, like it just didnt belong on this comic, it was like a parody or a moment taken from a Deadpool comic, just completely unreliable to even take seriously and even if you take that scene seriously it would suck Hard.

6 out of 10

 Sword and Sorcery #0 Amethyst
Safe, but enterteining and well crafted, I really want to see where this is going, the premise is simple the villains are simple but the main characters are likable and original and the ending ties it very neatly with the rest of the DCU
The dialog is smart and the contrast between the realistic setting and the fantasy is really well done

9 out of 10

Suicide Squad #0
Everything makes sense now, Suicide Squad is actually the Expendables in the DCU.

The issue is very dull actually
just like the first Expendables

The story is this, Waller after retiring from Team 7 is contacted to do another mission by an old friend, after failing such mission and losing her friend she realizes that she needs to build a team out of ppl who are not only skilled but that wont be missed
so comes the idea of Taskforce X
A.K.A. The Suicide Squad

pretty straightforward and fill with action just like this book is used on but its just lacks the presence of characters like Deadshot and Harley and Waller alone is just not interesting enough to fill those roles

6.5 out of 10


Superboy #0

 This story is very boring, its just the origin of Superboy told from Harvest's perspective and the story of how clones worked on Krypton and how a weird cult allowed Krypton to be destroyed.
Nothing exemplar nor worth reading and the art was subbar.

5 out of 10

 Supergirl #0
Kryptonians have a really weird taste on fashion, mostly all women in krypton are mostly covered with a lot of layers, but a suit that is basically a one-piece swimsuit with a cape and weird boots, thats weird.
Supergirl is a book that has have the fame to be the slowest title of the new 52, so the idea of once again backtrack to the how Supergirl end up on Earth felt a little unnecessary however this story does serves a purpose 
The story fills some of the gaps that the Supergirl, reveals a lot of mysteries and set up new ones
but overall its not that great, if you have been following the story, this issue might be interesting but as an entry point it might not do that much.

7 out of 10 
Team 7 #0
Now if SS is the Expendables, then this is The Expendables 2

The plot is practically noneexistent, but the comic sets an objective and meets that objective

we meet the characters, the end

this felt like the first 10 mins of any action movie ever made and because of that i just cannot say that is actually a bad thing

the book presents all its character in an interesting way were we get to meet all of them, what they do and why they do it, Its just mindblowing that there are entire ongoing that move around with things as basic as those.
we meet Dinah and Lance, then we meet Slade and Fairchild and so on
now that the team is assemble and we have seen what they can do alone lets see what they can do together

7.5 out of 10

The Ravagers #0
sexy teenagers fighting to death in very little clothes
yeah why not?

ok this issue tells about how Beast Boy was captured and experimented on to enter the Red, but it doesnt explain how can he do that anyways, then meets Terra and she saves him and then he saves her, and thats it

it takes prior to the Culling
and its not boring, its just pointless

5.5 out of 10  
Wonder Woman #0
I think this was the best written comic this month, just to the point, classic and timeless in its story telling and purpose and once again Azarello does his part in building Wonder Woman as a Myth from the Ancient modern world.

and not only that this was the best interpretation of WW in the entire book so far

10 out of 10

Batgirl #0

I am so smart!
I am just better than you, if you are reading this, im smarter than you are
This is the BEST BLOG EVER
hip hip hurray ME! hip hip hurray ME!

do you see how annoying that gets!
and the book is fill with this kind of dialog where Barbara just describe herself or her own feelings and thoughts in a very annoying way its the worst use of thoughtboxes i have seen so far.
and yet this was by far the best issue of Batgirl so far, it shows an incident in which barbara beatings one of the biggest cliches of a villain i have seen so far and that somehow inspires her to be batgirl, it explains her continuity and career prior to TKJ and the art is pretty solid.
but it still has problems, for one the villain sucks as always, the thought boxes are annoying and just unnatural, and Gail Simone has ABSOLUTELY no idea how to write James Jr, its just amazing how bad his portrayal can be with only some lines of dialog.
but overall the biggest problem is that it fails as an origin story since we dont dig deeper into the character and compared to something like Batgirl year one, even in the first issue it does a better job handling the character than here
but its still an entertaining oneshot if you just ignore the thought boxes entirely

6 out of 10

Blue Beetle #0
Surprisingly interesting
this tells us the story of the Scarab, how it ended up on Earth and what it did while on Earth, it adds to the whole mythos of the character and retroactively builds it up

Fun and enterteining

8 out of 10
Demon Knights #0

This does end up answering some interesting questions, its not only the origin of Demon and Jason Blood but also the origin of Merlin in the DCU, it goes deeper into the motivations of Demon to want power and doesnt just leave it at he is evil cause he is a demon, he wants power cause he lack it and in his mind his own rebellion is still in service of Lucifer's enjoyment

Good Stuff

8.5 out of 10
Green Lantern: New Guardians #0

Instead of actually telling the origin of Kyle Rayner again, it just follows up the new status quo on the GL books, with Hal gone and the Guardians preparing to declare war on free will, but the big pull on this comic is the return of Carol Ferris and her join into the team, even though Fatality was interesting, she is just not as interesting when she is not next to John Steward, with Carol something better can be done

the art was ok but there were some weird things going on with the faces, sometimes a character smiles and it looks creepy as hell and pupils sometimes dissappear for no reason

7 out of 10 
Grifter #0

oh yeah!
It doesnt say anything that we already knew but the art is good however its BORING
completely unemotional and just doesnt answer any questions that we had on Grifter

4 out of 10

Nightwing #0
This issue made me want to see more stuff wiht Dick Grayson as Robin
the new costume is awesome, the characterization is brilliant, the presentation of the new origin is well done and the art is just fantastic.

9.5 out of 10

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