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Lets talk about the Worst DC comics of 2011

This is a very old post that i made around the beginning of this year about the comics that I read on last year
I read much more DC comics than Marvel comics and thats why I didnt made a Marvel equal

well here it is
The Worst 10 DC Comics of 2011

Dishonorably Mentions
15- Batgirl by Gail Simone
14- Batman: Dark Knight by David Finch
13- Redhood and the Outlaws by Lodbell
12- Legion of Superheroes by Paul Levitz
11- Outsiders By Dan Didio

10- Teen Titans by J.T. Krul

this is kind of a hard choice cause i needed to choose what title of those which i hated i enjoyed the most and i just end up thinking that even though this is not a good title its not that bad but i couldnt think of any moment on which was actually good

just by reading the interviews you can understand that Krul had many good intentions on this comic but for some reason or another never came to be
the art is ok and all the characters choosen for the book are good, in fact this was one of the best TT team in years and yet nothing click
once Robin leaves and Red Robin joins the team everything just becomes depressing, you arent really happy that he is the leader but sad that Wondergirl is no longer the leader and never accomplished nothing as it
the breaking between Wg and superboy feels forced as well as the romance with ravager and most of the plot threads never get resolved
and the new character of Solstice has an abrupt introduction and ends up becoming nothing but a mary sue

the final arc is rush and absolutely all the villains in this run SUCK, they are unoriginal or with questionable motivations

9- Green Arrow by JT Krul(DCNu version)

now there are many things that i just didnt like of the new 52 like return of Batgirl, the changes on Capt Atom or the non-changes on the legion books but Green Arrow´s reboot is the one i lament the most

Green Arrow was a great character with ton of development and he was completely rid of all that by the reboot

now that said what make this book so bad is not the fact that GA is not as good as before, is the fact that this new GA is absolutely bland, the plot of this story is ridiculous and a little offensive, in the middle of the run characters start condemning the evils of social networking and videogames which i think just reflects the thinking of the autor but if you see them as the thoughts of the characters they just become unlikable douches

GA is a title that has been ill manage for years and i was hoping the reboot fixed that but sadly it didnt.

8- Brightest Day Aftermath: the Search for the Swamp Thing By Jonathan Vankin
There are sometimes when a title needs a little back story only for base, just made to fill some holes and lay the ground
in this case the title was the Swamp Thing by Snyder which was going to come for the relaunch but was also coming out of Brightest day
so this 3 issue miniseries was made only to fill the gap between those 2

The result is a comic that is 100% unnecessary.

The title is about John Constantine looking for Alec Holand who had now been revived and separated from the swamp thing entity and looks for the help of Batman, Zatanna and Superman
the problem is that the voice of all the characters are just wrong
one would thing that Constantine meeting with Batman or Superman would be interesting but here it isnt
its just 3 issues made out of pointless dialog that never go anywhere and sometimes make the characters look like idiots

it had almost nothing to do with Brightest Day and it had almost nothing to do with the swamp thing
is a comic that just shouldnt exist 

7- Mr Terrific by EricWallace

I dont think i need to say much about this one, its just a book with soo many flaws that i cannot see a second year for it on the future
Michael Holt who was one of the smartest superheroes in the world is shown as a poor shadow of his previous self, being the main character you need to make ppl accept him, to want to him to win but on this book you feel sorry for the main character or simply confusion
the book is fill with pseudoscience that just bores us to death and crushes our lack of disbelief
and the few side characters are almost never on panel but when they are they just do things that makes you not only not like them but hate them
the art is bland and the villains are just lame and the plot itself is fill with holes and unnecessary rewrites on the story of the previous michael holt that it would had been better to just start completely from scratch or do something closer to the original
by far the weakest of the new 52

6- Flashpoint: Legion of Doom by Adam Glass

Ok Flashpoint itself as an event was pointless but sometimes entertaining, it had its good moments and interesting set ups and some of its series were among the best of the year like Batman Knight of Vengeance or Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown

and then we have Legion of Doom
the main problem with this book is the main character, Heatwave Sucks!
Heatwave is shown as nothing but a extreme psycho killer with a lot of mental issues, you cant possibly like this character and the entirely of the story is just him doing random things just cause he is evil
there is no real motivation for the characters, its gory just for the sake of being gory, the plot is simple really, its just Heatwave staging a prison brake and seek revenge on cyborg but some points just have absolutely no sense like the prison in which they are is actually an spaceship, with weapons so once heatwave breaks out he uses the prison to attack a city
it feels like this is a plot coming from a completely different book

the only kind of interesting part of the book was the evil plasticman but is very underdeveloped

5- Superman: Grounded by Chris Roberson/JMS(Superman 700-714)

Even though it started mostly last year i going to count it for this year entirely

this book is absolutely hated by pretty much everyone but personally, i think is just boring

the problem with Grounded is simply the premise itself
Superman is depress cause New Krypton blew(in more ways than one) and thinks that he is somehow disconnected with mankind so decides to walk through america

that there just Fails, no one really wants to read a comic of Superman facing depresion and the thought of him feeling disconnected with humanity is just laughable
even worst is the fact that this was meant to be for 12 issues, which is too much and yet it was extended for 2 more issues which pretty much added nothing to the story

however not all of it is bad personally i found 2 of the issues pretty well done
1 was a flashback telling the first time Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent before they were Superman and Batman
and the other one(im probably alone on this one) was the child abuse chp
when you touch a subject like that in a comic it had to be done with a lot of sensitivity and that chp had it, yeah its a little bit campy in the sense that just some random guy gets superpowers and beats up superman but i thought for what it was it did a good job unlike all the other subjects that it touched

the story as a all is just disjointed, you dont really feel like its one single story by going through it and by the end the first chps no longer matter

it was too long, to pointless and too boring
4- Justice Society of America By Mark Guggenheim

  A City full of superheroes with the Flash(Jay Garrick) as the mayor
that is an Awesome premise, original(kind of) and fitting of the JSA
so how the hell was this screwed so badly!!

if i had to say something good about JSA is that Guggenheim did made Jay look badass but sadly that is at the cost of making Alan Scott looks like an idiot

this title is the example of a writer trying to doo way too much with to little
its similar to Teen Titans but on that case Krul only had 7-8 characters while Guggenheim was jugling with nearly 20
it just spread too thin and the few things that had more time end up becoming pointless or unnesesary

the villains were probably the most forgetable villains of 2011, basically nort real character, non of them had real motivations other than "Im Evil"

and finally Alan Scott looks AWFUL, him being paralize is Stupid Stupid Stupid!
at the end of the run Alan dies, and yet his death is extremely flat, there is no emotion or build up, its just a poor manage of this character 

3- The Reign of Doomsday(JLA 55, SUPERBOY 6, Superman/Batman Annual, Steel 1, Outsiders 37, Action Comics 900-904) By James Robinson, Jeff Lemire, Steve Lyons, Dan Didio and Paul Cornell
Did you ever wonder what is bad Editorial management, this is the perfect example of it

The backstory of this event basically goes like this
Grounded was suppose to attract a lot of new readers to superman by its pointless stunt of "superman goes to your town" but the thing just Suck so much that DC felt the need to create another Superman event to revert its effect cause i believe they wanted to end that era of superman on a high note
and being the Reign of Superman on of its finest events well they why not just rip the hell out of it

the result, it didn't work

it started with a crossover event going through several titles in which Doomsday was just gonna beat the hell out of all the main characters and then move to the next fight basically interrupting all the story that was going on for the moment.
On cases like for example Steel the book gets completely rewritten last minute just to fit Doomsday on it, as a result the book was no longer about Steel, and personally i felt like there was a very good book inside Steel #1 but it was completely covered by the mediocrity of this crossover so you couldn't see it anymore
the same happens with all of the titles, things like Lemire´s Superboy got interrupted without necessity and deliver nothing different from steel and Outsiders and Superman/Batman/JLA just delivered a product even worst than what we had before

after the crossover the event took over Action Comics, Paul Cornell after writing his brilliant and highly acclaim Lex Luthor:Black Ring run deliver a lazy bad clone of the Death and Return of Superman but with Doomsday instead
You just can tell that Cornell is not even to deliver something good trying here, probably cause of the relaunch but it doesn't really excuse

we get a bland set of characters with a bland plot and even blander villain

2- Justice League of America by James Robinson
 Another title which started in 2010 but im going to count only the second half here, the arcs named Omega and Rise of Eclipso as well as the last chps, still is my #2
The problem with this book is simply that all the main characters are completely pointless and even inconsequential to the story
the main heroes end up being the cameo characters

the plots are incredibly repetitive as well as the villains, in fact is the same build up for the villain, is an evil entity that possess a bunch of cameo characters and is defeated by another cameo character or a completely deus ex machina, both not only on omega and RoE but also on some of the plots intentions presented in the final chp

there is really no intention to tell an original story is just paint by the numbers plot with paint by the numbers characters

and the characterizations of the main characters when they actually do something for the plot is painfull
plots are presented but never get a resolution or just get forgotten for the sake of another confusing plot

and also there are plot points that just suck and have no room in the book at all, like the sister/brother relation between batman and supergirl or the dark supergirl

is just a book that doesnt deserve its title

1- TITANS by Eric Wallace

this title is absolutely Dreadful
every chapter, every character, every single piece of dialog can be used as an example of what not to do in comics

the plot is stupid, the deliverance of such plot is even worse, the characters are unlikeable assholes who you would never want to win, is basically the same flaw of Flashpoint: Legion of Doom but is much worse here on every level, and I dont mean only for the Titans team; Batman, the JLA and Ray Palmer are incredibly incompetent idiots when they get panel time
of the main characters none of them are interesting
Osiris is a really bad copy of Superboy Prime which is saying a lot
Chesire is a crying baby
Firegirl is the most forgettable character of 2011(to the point i cant even remember her name)
Roy is a bad parody of an antihero, even worse than RoA 
Tattooed Man is simply bland
and Deathstroke is just a sad, he is suppose to be the mastermind but the stuff that he does and say is basically like he is inventing the it as he goes on

and the ending is the biggest piece of garbage ever, Ryan Cho died for absolutely nothing, it doesn't even have a closed end like Wallace actually hoped that this story had progressed afterwards with the last minute reformed junkie Roy and Jericho

i could say why every single chp individually sucks but the point is this
it all comes down as how you present an idea

the idea of a group of mercenaries taking jobs from other villains as well as doing their own evil plots is not bad at all
just look at Secret Six, but if your plot doesn't have a clear focus, if your characters are not likable and your art is not good then there is no point
there is just no point in delivering a material that is by all means inferior to something that already exists
this book is just useless simply cause Secret Six already does this and it does it well

and finally the plot doesn't flow natural, its just forced all the way, from beginning to end

Worst Title of the year

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