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Lets Talk about the Best DC Comics of 2011

This list was even harder than the other one cause i had to take into consideration just to many comics , its much easier to point out when something just plain fails but is hard to decide which ones are better than others and also i had a lot of comics which sadly are mostly part of 2010 so i couldnt include like JL: Generation lost but it wouldnt be fair to put on list

I know i must have some options that will probably wont be others ppl lists but whatever
this is my personal opinion over many factors not only art and writing but also taste and style

Honorable mentions
25- Voodoo by Ron Marz
24- Detective Comics by Tony Daniels
23- Booster Gold by Dan Jurgen
22- R.E.B.E.L.S. by Tony Berard
21- Batwing by Judd Winick
20- Wonder Woman Odyssey by JMS/Phil Hester
19- Action Comics by Grand Morrison
18- Teen Titans by Lodbell
17- Flashpoint by Geoff Johns
16- Batgirl by Bryan Millar
15- Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello
14- Batwoman by J. H. Williams III
13- Green Lantern by Geoff Johns(DCNU)
12- Flashpoint: Frankenstein & the Creatures of the Unknown by Jeff Lemire
11- PowerGirl by Judd Winick

10- Knight and Squire by Paul Cornel

Ok this one will probably not others list but i just loved the take that Cornell gave to this book, this is the British Batman and Robin on every sense but somehow stuck in the silver age waiting for the modern age to arrive to London

its entertaining and fun to read and it just develops the all world of DC´s England

9- The Swamp Thing by Scott Snyder

the Swamp Thing just go back to the roots that make it so great
the Sophisticated Suspence of Scott Snyder makes this into a deep read giving a complete new layer to the already brilliant history of the swampthing
it explores the past and new life of Alec Holand as he tries to escape his fate of becoming the swamp thing once aagain and fighting against one of the best and most original new villains that i have seen in a long time

8- Flashpoint: Knight of Vengance by Brian Azzarello

Flashpoint itself was just an alternative take on different DC propierties
some were very interesting but by far the most original was the Flashpoint Batman, this time being characterized by an older routhless batman fighting against a brillaint new and yet proper take on Joker

the only bad thing that i have to say about this comic is that is too short, is a simple 3 act comic that end in an excellent finale but leaves such an open world that actually makes me want to see more about

and on an even more personal note someon actually guessed who was the joker on issue 1 post it in the forum and of course was correct and pretty much spoiled the ending to me =(
if you have not read it, try to not get spoilers on it and get it now

7- Penguin: Pain and Prejudise by Greg Hurwitz and Szimon Kudranski

I cant believe i almost forgot about this book
this comic is Beautiful to look at and to read
pure cold emotion comes out of it and and makes it one of the greatest books i have seen in a while
it literally defines Penguin not only as a real villain but as a real character with a twisted past
this is the best miniseries this year and i hope i see more of both this writer and this artist

If you ever liked Joker or Lex Luthor Man of Steel by Azzarello then get this right now, you wont regrett it

6- I, Vampire by Joshua Hale Fialkov

who the hell says that Vampires arent cool anymore?
something that has been lacking a lot on DC for years is romance and i think of I, Vampire as one, the very dark images of the art make work so well
all the characters are interesting, flawed and complex
definatelty one of the best of the new 52 and NOTHING TO DO WITH TWILIGHT

5- Action Comics, The Black Ring by Paul Cornel

ok im cheating a little on this one cause almost half of the run is on 2010 but as i see it the 2010 superman was still on NK so this belongs more on this year

the idea of Lex Luthor battling both physically and mentally against the very worst villains in the DC is just Great

the characterization of every single character is memorable and spot on

the use of dialog is perfect, every line is relevant and remarkable and even quotable
Example: "JAZZ HANDS!!"

I love the little details that are left by every single chp just to be united on a brilliant picture on the last chps
things like the different reactions of the villains to what Lex tries to achieve and doesnt make any sense until the very end
is a great run with a great conclusion

4-Batman INC. by Grant Morrison

This title just shows that Grand Morrison can pretty much write absolutelt anything he wants with Batman as a main character and make it works

is just fun ride just as complex as anything morrison does but with a huge pay out

 3- Secret Six by Gail Simone 

you know every single thing that just doesnt work on Titans by Wallace
well this is exactly that but does work

Is villains doing what villains do but you actually care and like the mother******s

and i think one of the reasons why it works so well is cause Gail Simone just puts some of the villest most dislikable and dispicable villains against them so you can never go against them

is just Fun Violence =)

2- Animal Man by Jeff Lemire

Personally i think without exaggerating much that Lemire is doing for Animal Man what Alan Moore did for the Swamp Thing.
yeah there are certain similarities but is original on its own sense
the first chp starts with Buddy Baker just doing what he does, be a hero and save ppl and if the first half of the book was all that it is right now it would had been an excellent Superhero book but then everything just takes a great twist and never feels like is a new story, is the same person

I love the family, the wife and kids are awesome
the dialog is great, everything is important and once you think you have it figure it out something else happens that gives a new layerto the plot
a new great character, a new terrifing plot twist

is just an enterteining book and my personal favorite of the new 52


1- Detective Comics/Batman by Scott Snyder

I think most ppl felt fear this year regarding Batman´s future, Morrison had done an excellent job on becoming THE Batman guy, and since he started preparing for the ending of his 6 years run i think just everyone preocupied about "what next?", i personally was very preocupied by this, just What will happen after Morrison leaves?
with all due respect, Daniels, Tomasi, Hine,Winick and Dini, i think as all of them as good comic creators but they arent like Morrison, he came and completelty reinvented the mythos and make it better, who can possibly top that?

and Suddenly COMPLETELY out of nowhere this guy just comes and make one of the best Batman books in years and fans everywhere lost their fear

Who the hell is Snyder? he was just some guy who wrote a vampires book with Stephen King and now he is the new Batman Guy

Black Mirror is just Dark, well written and smart
all the characters feel real, their emotions are real, their fears are real, the stakes are real and more than once you just read it and you feel like Snyder is playing with your head
for example and personally my favorite moment is the conversation in the dinner between Gordon and his son and at some point he says that he just killed someone and stuff his head in the toilet of the bathroom, just as a joke and then the bathroom just starts pouring water underneat the door and at the very end Gordon just checks the bathroom and it was just obstructed with toilet paper
and reading this, one couldnt stop thinking, Would you check the bathroom too? and for what reason?
something very simple and it just crawls underneat your skin
and his Batman run just seems to be going to be just as good

Best Title of the Year and Best Writer of the Year too

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