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Let's Talk About Mr Terrific #3

In the last issue of Mr Terrific #2, our hero saved California from an earthquake that was caused by himself and then proceed to face Brainstorm, the maniac who is using mind control waves against that humble population of L.A. what will happen now?, let's review

As always Black is the story, Blue is my comments

MISTER TERRIFIC #3 by Eric Wallace and Scott Clark

Now i need to mention first of all that this issue is being drawn by Scott Clark and Gianluca Gugliotta as its stated in the cover.

The Issue starts in the U.C.L.A. Medical Center where many of the victims attacked by Brainstorm are starting to react to his new attack on the Greenery Mall
Which to me is basically saying that the Dampering Field of Mr Terrific is doing jack shit.

Brainstorm is manipulating the people of the mall to attack Mr Terrific 
While calling him a a terrorist, for some reason.
I guess that Megamind is using some kind of projection to make them think of Michael of something fearsome or menacing but then we also have the woman who tells him that he is a treehugger, which just comes as weird.

The we get into a fight sequence, Michael manage to place a couple of good punches on Megamind but then he uses some cables to try to directly drain his brain, but Michael quickly escapes thanks to his T-Spheres buzzing on megamind's ears.

and then we get his backstory

So basically he was a nice guy who discovered a way to become smarter by consuming artificial and none artificial intelligence, and he is using whatever the hell he is using to make ppl smarter so that he can consume better minds, which begs the question of why would that even matter at all, if consuming minds is making him smarter and more powerful it shouldnt really be an issue of quality vs quantity
this  feels really familiar

Brainstorm start using his powers for real this time and start consuming everyones minds in L.A. and even Michael cant make a Dampering Field big enough to stop him
Not that this matters at all cause it was established before the field does NOTHING
also, im confuse on why cant he just use the dampering field(if it worked that is) to just envelop Brainstorm and so cut off his signal, he only need to block an end, it would be more intelligent to block his end not the city.

But dont worry, Mr Terrific has a plan to stop Brainstorm from transforming Los Angeles into the City of the Fallen Angels(yes thats in the dialog), he calls for the back up of all his T-Spheres and use them to Amplify the power of consumption of Megamind
Yeah, I cannot imagine how that wont affect the countless of people that Megamind is trying to absorb
The Result is that Megamind gets a severe case of Mind Indigestion and then he detonates(?) in a green explosion.

wait a second
Green explosion.
The plan to consume peoples mind to be a super-god-Genius

Thats the Riddler from Batman Forever

Same Basic Origin, they both were researching something and by pure accident discover a wayto enhance their brains by sucking other people's minds
Same Motivation, they just want to be super-smart
and they are taken out by the same way, by overloading their ability to absorb minds
did Wallace just thought we wouldnt notice?

Well, the Plan is a complete success and Megamind is defeated but there is still something wrong

Oh No! Megamind has discover Michael's Identity
Just like the Riddler in Batman Forever!

But, there is more, Brainstorm tells him that he knows something about Michael that not even he knows himself, something about his Wife

It was Brainstorm's first experiments that caused the GPS of Paula to Malfunction, given her wrong instructions that she moronically followed on her own and resulted in her own death!
up to this point the book has been stupid or boring, now we reach a new lower level, Lazy!
in the retrospective that I made about Mr Terrific, I remark how thoughtful and deep that Death of Paula Holt, some people might argue that is equally cheap cause is another male character that is enhanced by the death of a woman, but it was more well develop that that, you can believe that he was driven by this and that the tragedy was real, it wasnt a hero who loses a love one because of a supervillain, it was an accident, and accident that any person around the world can believe and empathize with, there are still ppl who drive under the influence and some of those people end up in accidents and some of those accidents end up with deaths, its just an inevitable sad truth on our world.
And this book is just reducing that to, "A Supervillain did it!" Its not only Lazy but poorly executed too, A GPS has a very limited AI, if any at all, i dont understand the reasoning of Brainstorm to do something like this, it feels just mean and forced for no reason, and a GPS is not an Autopilot, Paula is still driving in the picture, her hands are in the wheel, she is still following the GPS, its her fault to have done all that and Brainstorm is not more guilty than any hypothetical malfunction that the GPS might have had on that moment without his assistance, at least with a Drunk Driver, it cant never be anyone's specific fault, its just something that happens

After listening to this awful truth Michael does what any other person on Earth could have done in his position.
He beats the living hell out of him in front of many impressionable children.

Michael what are you doing?
Just constantly punching a blue man on the middle of a mall who just confessed to have kill your wife in a very stupid way.

Michael was about to kill him but after looking at the faces of the children he realizes that he is wrong and that despite being the 3rd smartest person in the world he just behave like a neandertal.

eh no!, you behave like a human being, you are human, you have this things called emotions and rage is one of them, it doesnt make you any less smart or less of  human, it just makes you like everyone else in that situation, luckily you stop at the right time but its doesnt make your fault.

And not only that but it was all captured by cameras, but dont worry thanks to his superpower, Mr Terrific is literally invisible to other technologies so the cameras wont capture his image

Oh, did I Forgot to mention that? yeah Michael Holt has the special ability to be invisible to technologies that he doesnt allow, like cameras, metal detectors, etc, I didnt mention it before cause the book never does, and this power never actually becomes relevant again in the entire comic, and it also brings up the plothole of how he was possesed by Brainstorm's attack on issues 1 and 2.

But There is still a Big Problem, Dominic Lanse the villain "Brainstorm" still remembers who Michael is, and he is very dangerous, if he tells someone else, it could present a real problem to his own safety and those next to him
This could be a really delicate problem for his entire life

Or you know, NOT!
Apparently the T-Spheres have their own neuralizer function from MiB, and Michael has not moral problem with erasing the mind of another human being to protect his identity
DC had an entire miniseries name Identity Crisis dealing with the moral implications of mind wiping villains for the sake of the greater good, but Michael doesnt even give it a second thought.

After erasing the memory of Megamind, Michael proceeds to turn him to the police for the several acts of mental terrorism that this now Mindless person committed, and doesnt turn himself in for the murder attempt that he just commited cause he is the hero of the story  
As he walks away he sees the same kid who once before ask for his autograph

But the kid has something in his eye and realizes that hena tattoos are bad for the skin so he cleans it off

We cut again to Michael talking to Aleeka and Donald, telling them that he will be out of reach for a while and thus initiates a new conspirasy between this 2 to make Aleeka into the new CEO of Holt industries

Michael starts walking in the nothingness that is the 9th dimension when suddently our comic ends with him being intercepted by 2 very Ugly Aliens asking for help.

Who Look nothing like the alien in the last issue but whatever.


This is a very stupid comic book.
It is at least fast paced and focused, it doesnt go around other subplots like the first 2 issues did until the very end and that is more to set up the next chp but what we get here is just still too rush to actually care about.

One of the main problems is The Villain, he is just very lazy, Brainstorm is a mixture between Megamind and the Riddler of Batman forever but at least Jim Carrey was funny and appealing on that movie. Brainstorm doesnt look like has an strong motivation other than him being evil and mean for the sake of doing so. the revelation of him being the "Killer" of Paula, and I use that word loosely on this case, just doesnt make any sense, if Brainstorm can suck Artificial Intelligence, why GPSs? he obviously knew that it would cause accidents but i like to think that there are better options, and its still weird to concider why would he consume something as basic as such when the A.I. of some video games can be more advanced, and is not that all that there is on an AI, just software, 0s and 1s, he can absorb computer's information through the internet, he didnt need to kill anyone and never even need to create the thousands of sociopaths that he did, and finally he didnt need to attack Mr Terrific, if his powers are so big and advanced that he cant be stopped why even pay attention to him?

however the art was much better here than in other issues thanks to Scott Clark taking over, but not by much, the characters look good but the backgrounds look imposed, like if the characters were roughly photoshoped on it

this is back to the bottom with a 2 out of  10

see ya!

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