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Let's Talk About Mr Terrific #7

In our last issue Mister Terrific stop a thief from stealing a hige tech device during Valentine's day, just after naming Jamal as his successor for Holt Industries.

Black is the story
Blue are my comments

MISTER TERRIFIC #7 by Eric Wallace and Gianluca Gugliotta

This new issue starts at the port of Los Angeles where a group of people is there just working their daily routine, well i think they are people since they barely have any human proportions, when suddenly a big whaaaa-koom is heard and felt in the entire dock, and a big freighter appears in the dock without any clue where it came from.
the workers try to check it out but are repel by a mysterious force, of course they come to the most logical conclusion.


You know comics are fun, they have some of the most ridiculous ideas, we are presented with impossible scenarios and we are entertein by it, but the best of those fantastic stories are also bonded with certain logic and realism, even something fantastic has its own logic behind it, but this workers who live in a world fill with this fantastic things, ultra high tech, aliens as well as magic, and the first thing that they think about is that this is a Ghost Ship?
are Ghost Ships common in LA?
when one thinks of a ghost ship is more like those that were used by Pirates, made of wood and a ghost crew, not a freighter 
but ok, maybe im just pounding too hard on this, maybe is just this one guy who think that ghost and hunted ships exist.

We cut to the next scene with Mister Terrific
getting in line to get a hot dog

Let me just point something here
this is not Michael using some kind of camouflage so that other ppl cant see his costume, this is not Michael Holt at all, this is Mr Terrific, getting in line to have a hot dog in full costume, while he talks nonsense with some other guy.

At the same time a kid is trying to cross the same street in front of the red's hotdogs stand and is about to be hit by a car, a car that is being chase by the police.
Quickly enough Mr Terrific saves the kid and stops the car

 One thing to notice is that after saving the kid he tells him to be more careful, the kid was crossing the street jaywalking, while hearing music from his Ipod.
Obviously Jaywalking is always dangerous but how come didnt the kid manage to saw the car going at such a high speed, and how would the the music affect his sight, maybe you might argue that is cause he could had listen to the engine of the car but really the first rule to crossing a street, even before no jaywalking, is to look at both sides of the street before crossing, so this is just a very very careless kid.
And after Michael wreacks the car forwhatever was the reason that he was being chase for he is offer free Hotdogs for life from the cook of Red's Hotdogs stand (was he Red?) but he refuses them.

What was the point of this scene you may ask?

this whole scene lasts for 3 pages and has absolutely nothing to do with anything in the book, it doesnt really tell us anything new about Michael, its not a subplot or related with the main plot, its just a complete waste of time.

We cut again to Holt industries where Aleeka and Jamal are being informed that someone has hacked the C.I.N. Central Integration Nexus, an ultra-super-computer, something amazing since it has one of the best security systems in the world.

also Jamal receives a call from his father, and doesnt answer it.

Again absolutely nothing happens with this on this comic or the next one, more wasted space.

Aleeka asks what happen exactly, Donald is there to supervise since Michael is not, and all are inform that the CIN initiated its own protocols to Identify who try to hack them.

Donald feels sick and leaves the room and we discover that he was the intruder.

Now lets remember that this is a computer and it wasnt directly hack in its main chamber or otherwise it would be detected, but is this bit here that makes absolutely no sense at all, even if this is a comic book, this Machine somehow tag a human being on his DNA, and also takes a sample
A sample that is in no way useful to identify the culprit unless you have a DNA sample to compare with, but it works, which means they somehow got a sample of Donald, but either way it might had not work again, however the machine just works because it just works.

But enough of that we cut back to the port where Mr Terrific is there to assist the police with the ghost ship, but of course, this is the police accompanied by scientist and experts, the press is in there too and the initial report states that the ship is leaking radiation.

and the Police thinks is a Ghost Ship. 

*Facepalm* I dont know if Wallace is just trying to make the police incompetent but to have the detective in charge of the investigation say that his own men think a this is a ghost ship that is leaking radiation just seems like really stupid.\
Also, how exactly did the police contacted Mr Terrific, and why Mr Terrific?

Anyways, Michael tells the police to evacuate a 25-mile radious and enters the ship.

ok first of all a 25 mile radius seems a little excessive and also impossible to coordinate as soon as he enters the ship, and he just enters the ship with absolutely no problems, no reason or explanation on how he did this or how is that other ppl wouldnt do it, Michael can cause he is the hero, the rest doesnt.
however there is a reason but not exactly one that makes sense to why was michael allowed to enter.

Entering the ship the Michael encounters nothing paranormal at sight until he gets to the lower levels where he finds...

a weapon of mass destruction, program to detonate in 30 minutes and he cannot advance anymore after this point cause something or someone is preventing it.

He realizes its obviously something phisical that is preventing his movements, he just cant see them, and its obviously not ghost
so he modifies his mask to see through Infrared vision, also gives us an explanation of how does the infrared vision works. also he tries with X-ray vision, but no explanation there, and finally Gamma vision when he sees this.

Now this here is the point where you should be on the floor laughing at hearts content cause here is where the entire comic falls appart
A comic can be campy and silly, even then there is certain reason to be campy and silly, either to be comic about it or just to amuse, but when its being play straight, it doesnt work, and this is being play straight

The persons surrounding Michael is a Terrorist group, thats it, its just a group of terrorist Russia
and the plan was to have this ship to come completely out of nowhere to then call the attention of the police and other authorities and finally a superhero so that they could blow it up on their faces, all while they are arm to the teeth and with invisible gear as they die in the nuclear explosion.
This is the stupidest plan that i have heard of in any comic i have read, why are they doing this, is never explain, they have no motivation at all, they are just token villains.

But something even worst is the execution of the plan, is really stupid, if they are here, right now, and they are suicide bombers, why arent they detoning the bomb?
why use a timer?

they use this gear that makes them invisible and they are armed, they have a group of ppl in the entrance, which is what is keeping people from entering, but why did they allow micheal to enter?
if Michael can use this goggles to watch invisible things, why didnt he use them in the front to check why ppl couldnt enter?
if michael couldnt enter and he finds the bomb, why didnt just shot him?
I mean, he was just there, instead they just plan to shove him so that he can touch the bomb for half an hour?

when the terrorist realize that he can see them they attack him and then they accelerate the countdown.
if they can do that why not , once again, just detonate the stupid bomb?


Of course Michael stops them with just 2 seconds left with the help of the police and SCIENCE!

but in the meantime that was happening
Donald talks with Stephen, the guy from Circle Revolution, telling him how sick he is 

How sick is he?

Very sick

But something else happens
Karen Starr, in a sudden change of character betrays Michael Holt and uses her secret superpowers to steal information from Holt industries
  Now the reason for this will be followed in the series Worlds Finest but has no importance in this issue.

And one more surprise, as Michael checks the recent infiltration on the C.I.N. he makes another discovery
Whoever hack the C.I.N. is half human, half machine, and the DNA corresponds to Donald.

Now, how exactly can you identify only half of DNA to a single person, it just doesnt work like that, you might as well argue that my DNA is half from my mom and half from my father it would still not work like that, and how exactly is a machine's DNA?
Michael tries to call Aleeka to inform her of the recent development but is too late, Aleeka is already receiving a visit from a very change, very angry Donald.

This is really stupid, but tries to think of itself as smarter than its reader that is almost insulting.

The main plot absolutely terrible, its bad in the idea, its bad in the execution, it has plot holes so big, so massive that it just cannot stand as a good story and the main reason is cause it tries to play campy but does it in such bad way that its just annoying more than entertaining.

The 3 pages with Michael in the hot dog stand are complete waste of time, but i think i know why they are here, now i have no evidence to support this but i feel that those 3 pages were added much later, and were replacing pages that would had start another subplot for the next storyline, but was scrap since the book was cancel, I think this cause it really feels like an stand alone story right there with no connection to anything else, but again i have no evidence of this.

The issue is fill with little science facts, like comments of how the eye can only see between 400nm and 790nm, however I have been thought that it goes from 380 to 780 and even wikipedia says its 380 and 740, However this is in no way useful for the issue
here is a little lesson that is not in the issue, anything below 380nm, goes below the wavelenght of light that make the color red, thats why its call infrared, and those above 780, are ultra violet for the same reason
the gamma vision is just pure fiction but it tries to tell us that is going above the spectrum, but its just boring and serves no purpose cause the idea is just so stupily made in the comic that is wasted.

But the final story is the one that takes the cake in stupidity.
The C.I.N. is only explain as a machine, which i imagine as nothing but a computer, the idea in the subplot that will continue on the next issue is that Donald hack the CIN, and the CIN infects donald with something that makes him into a half human half machine hybrid, the story gives no other explanation, its not even as if Stephen did something to Donald, but he did thought that something like this might happen, its all the CIN.

and once again MAKES NO SENSE

to be fair, it could be that the issue had a ton of rewrites thanks to its sudden cancellation, but it doesnt justifies itself.

I give this 1 out of 10

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