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Let's Talk About Mr Terrific #8

And we come to the final Issue of Mister Terrific, where Michael Holt will face the attack of Digitus and something more...

Before we jump in lets just remember what have we learn so far in the last 7 issues
#1 - GPSs are death traps.
#2 - Machines that prevent earthquakes are a good idea but machines that prevent earthquakes and can create them at the same time are a bad idea.
#3 - Wireless connection is the world's deathliest weapon.
#4 - Slavery is bad.
#5 - Slavery is very Bad, but killing slavers is good.
#6 - If you are a child genius, you deserve your own enterprise.
#7 - Terrorist will no longer use planes, they will use ghost ships.

ok now lets see how all of that is concluded =)

Blue are my comments
Black is the story 

MISTER TERRIFIC #8 by Eric Wallace and Gianluca Gugliotta

ok as you might remember from last issue Donald, hacked some supercomputer which somehow transformed him into a giant machine monster, so he went to Aleeka's house to ask for help and maybe revenge?, well he kidnaps her King Kong Style and then brings her to the Holt Ind. Main building where Jamal is selecting a new guy to upgrade for a new position 

this doesnt matter at all

Donald is currently attacking Holt Industires(why?)when suddenly he lets Aleeka go(why?) and evolve into to his Ultimate form Digitus 
does this means that before he was in champion mode?(yeah that was a digimon pun)

Then Mr Terrific arrives to  rescue Aleeka and Digitus fights Mr Terrific, Michale uses laser beams on him but they do nothing to Digitus, then Digitus smash a wall and uses his wireless powers(see, deathly!) to control the security system of the building, using its laser guns(wait, why does an office building needs that?) to attack Michael.

as the attack starts people start fleeing Holt Ind including Aleeka and Jamal
And I want you all to say good bye to Jamal, cause this is the very last panel in which he appeared and most likely will ever appear in DC.

then we cut to the guess stars of this comic, The blackhawks, where commander Lincoln is looking to huntdown Michael cause unlike superman he is just a rogue agent(who works with the police when a giant ghost ship appears out of nowhere and on other jobs

In the meantime, reporters are starting to gather outside the Holt building

ok, that line was actually funny

We go back to the fight where once again Digitus uses his deathly wireless power this time to control the T-spheres, so michael had no other choice but to self destruct them(... if he cannot longer control them how could he, whatever), eventually Michael lets him to his supercomputer C.I.N.
his plan is to use it to shut down Digitus by tricking him into hacking in the machine again and since the machine is also an A.I. it will technobabble technobable and it will shut it down, and it works 

But before Michael can celebrate his victory the Black Hawks appear from the roof to arrest him.

that was Fast!

now Comm Lincoln wants to capture Mr Terrific cause of his T-spheres(lol), since his nothing but a vigilante with a superadvance technology, they will just take it cause the U.N. requested them to do so. and Michael doesnt want to share his balls cause such technology is so advance that in the wrong hands it would cause trouble and even lead to an arms race(... one moment, thats pretty much the plot of Iron Man 2 WTF!!).

so we cut to the backstory of Mr Terrific, we get it once again, his wife dies, a son from another dimension tells him to change the world and he becomes a superhero(instead of you know, use his tech for the benefit of mankind but whatever) and then we cut to the backstory of him and the Blackhawks
apparently Mr Terrific first appearence concisted in saving the Blackhawks, and also michael even considerate in reveling his secret ID to the public, but the Blackhawks acted like jerks and tell him to surrender his tech or be a vigilante and then he punched Lincoln and run away.(that was kind of rude)

now since Michael is surrounded Lincoln attempts to arrest him with charges on conspiracy to use WMDs and endangering the safety of mankind(why didnt that happen in Iron Man 2?, it would had made sense) But then Michael is saved...


by the media, the reporters enter the half destroyed Holt Tower which was attack by a monster recently to interview Mr Terrific and Lincoln, 

Lincoln exposit his side of the argument

But of course the media backs Mr Terrific and Lincoln gets order to not act in front of the cameras so he gets orders to retire.(why is he opening his mouth so much?)

we cut back to Michael's home were he finds that someone(Karen) also stole his equations on quantum tunneling, that for the use to resolve certain formula, which Michael is able to do, and he wants to resolve it to clues on who is the thief and why.
I put this out cause thats pretty much it, this is the entire motivation for michael to do what will happen at the end of the comic.

then Aleeka arrives, says she is quiting the enterprise then kisses michael and leaves.


then we cut again to the 9th dimension where Michael has finally solved the secret to travel between dimensions, he also discovers that Karen is behind the robbery and issue an order to forbid her ever setting a foot into Holt Ind. and also thinks a lot of horrible things about her
then he activates some machine that sends him to a Doctor Who tunnel and the comic ends saying to see more of him on Earth 2.


This comic felt like reading 3 different comics at the same time
and the 3 comics sucked
the Digitus attack is lame, really, its just a random monster that attacks randomly and is randomly defeated.

Why Donald doing this? what is his objective? his motivation? why is he coming to Holt Industries?

If he had been doing this to, I dont know,  help himself from this transformation it might had made sense, he was really distress as he was starting to transform that it would had been easy to believe that he kidnap Aleeka to help him and thats why he went to Holt Tower, and then he was too late so he started attacking Mr Terrific out of fury.

Its very basic but it would had worked out, but here he just appear on Holt Tower and suddenly he is a superintelligent villian and just wants to kill Mr Terrific, but why? he never meet him before, he doesnt really have a reason to do anything so his fight and final fall fells completely empty.

Then the Blackhawks plot.
I dropped Blackhawks after issue 4 but i never felt that Lincoln was the totalitarian jerk that is shown in here, However something that i notice while I was rereading it is that Lincoln is 100% right.
Lincoln is the good guy in this argument.
The world is fill with dangerous threads and Michael is just a common man, just 1 man who has all this power on himself and he doesnt want to share it cause it might get to the wrong hands, its a valid argument except that he is deciding who is the wrong hands.
why are the Blackhawks the wrong hands?
they work for the ONU
also his technology for the T-Spheres is completely preventive and for defense,why cant he trust them if they are basically policemen who want to defend the world, and why didnt even Lincoln try to convince him, or even join him, instead is just a forced fight

And what bothers me the most about this argument is that it embodies everything that was wrong with Michael, his whole purpose, his whole center of motivation was cause a vision of his unborn son told him to 
"Educate the World"
from begining to end how is being a vigilante Educating anyone?
he has all this tools, all this knowledge and he wasting it while the blackhawks are protecting the world and he has this tool that can help them but he doesnt want to share it

You know how Superman has all this highly advanced technology, well he doesnt share it cause he feels that it would tamper with the natural evolution of man, that mankind can achieve that point on its own, and it doesnt need a god to bring fire to them, its a symbol of his trust and faith on the potential of mankind

This argument doesnt work on Mr Terrific cause he is a human being, his whole purpose in life is to Educate the World, why isnt he sharing it?

And the fear of the use of technology is just a reality of science that he cant ignore, the dynamite is used to build roads and open lands, not just for destruction, just like creating a machine that can prevent quakes, and yet create them.

Also I need to point out that in all the arcs the major menace was always something that attacks him directly or one way or another lands on his lap, he never really does anything to benefit mankind in a significant way other than fighting some villains.

Powergirl makes no appearance in this comic, just a hologram of her showing that she is a traitorous thief, in total that would make her had 3-4 appearances in this comic, some which dont constitute more than 1 or 2 panels and we learn NOTHING of her, other than she once dated Michael, she thinks being white is a problem and also steals and lies to his friends, and Worlds Finest just confims this, Karen was only using him all along.
the issues with Jamal, never matter, i dont think we will ever see this character ever again, or even if it will be remembered.
Aleeka was the most unlikable character in the whole book and i honestly didnt care that she never got a shot with Michael, her final moment is meant to be emotional, but it just comes out bland.

And his whole reason to leave to Earth 2
this isnt something that Wallace had wanted, this was an editorial desition, but it doesnt justify him to do it in such a halfassed way, it could had been that he got a clue from the "son" of his and that he is from E2, he could had make something exciting with this to make us want to read Earth 2, but it doesnt really do that, though Earth 2 is a much much better comic than this

But being fair, i think a lot of problems have to do with the cancellation of the title, Wallace obviously had plans that never came to be simply because he didnt had time, but he also didnt show a reason to expand it.

DC made a right desicion by canceling the title and sending michael with a more competent writer, and in an interview Robinson said that he was going to do something so that Michael will not be able to return to his Earth
which leaves this whole series completely pointless. 

Issue 8 deserves a solid 1 out of 10, just a pointless goodbye to a pointless series

But the series?
Overall this is the kind of comic that is just so bad that is funny, the art is ugly, the plots are stupid, the characters are unlikable, the dialog is unreadable, there are plot threads and elements that go absolutely nowhere and you just dont care of any of this, this is a book that constantly tries to be smarter than you and Fails every time However if you turn off your brain and read it like you would read ALL-Star Batman then you might find it enjoyable enough to laugh at its ineptitude

Overall the entire series deserves a final score of
2.5 out of 10

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